Friday, October 29, 2010

Illustration Friday - Spent

Illustration Friday: Spent
Sunface in Sky
Paper mosaics, collage, mixed media
43.1 x 35.4 cm
© Kerry Schofield

Have you "spent" any time resting under the sun lately? Sunface is what I call a paper mosaic, that is tiny cut bits of paper collaged to Bristol board. The background is painted in gouache.

The sun is my sign and is representative of self expression, creativity, personal power and life force. In Roman mythology, the sun was represented by Apollo, the god of light. So in essence, Sunface in Sky is me.

I did an earlier study using paper mosaics. Please click on link to view: The best part about creating art with paper bits is the actual pasting down and forming of the image. The worst part is cutting and preparing the hand-collaged paper the bits are cut from. I prefer to use hand-painted bits rather than magazine bits because they have a heavier texture and a more earthy look overall.

This won't be the last of the paper mosaics. I have plans in the making for more pieces along with the combining of other mixed media materials. Instead of Bristol board, I'm going to experiment with a wood surface as the board tends to buckle what with the use of heavy white glue, which is essential. Again, artist Paul Klee is an inspiration as with the first paper mosaic I did.

Stay tuned . . .


  1. Very cool. I'm almost inspired to make a mosaic too, but I probably won't. I'll leave it to you since you're doing such a nice job with it. I like the colors on the individual "tiles".

  2. If anyone is up to the challenge of creating your own paper mosaic, I would love to see it!

  3. I love paper mosaics!! You're only the second person I know of who does them. The other is a famous Japanese artist that I only know from TV dramas. Thanks for the well-wishes you posted on my blog! :D