Sunday, May 15, 2011

Illustration Friday: Safari

"Beautiful World"
Collage Remix from 1940s - 1960s vintage and contemporary magazines, books
© Kerry Schofield

The natural world of flowers, clay, birds and butterflies -- what a beautiful world!

I found this image in a vintage magazine and have been wanting to use it for sometime. I love this photograph of an African girl with her beautiful smile. It seemed fitting to surround her with bright flowers and fauna.

You may also like this collage I did a few weeks ago for Illustration Friday:


  1. Great work Kerry! I particularly like the first one, so colourful!!

  2. Lovely. The contrast between the gray scale and the vivid color is nicely handled.

  3. Hi Kerry, thanks for your comments.
    I missed seeing your wonderful IF Safari!
    But now I can tell you I like a lot.
    Very good job!