Sunday, August 7, 2011

Illustration Friday: Imperfect

Mixed Media, Collage Assemblage
Feline Mania
© Kerry Schofield

The spotted black and white stray cat scurried up the stairs to the second story flat. It stood on tall, lanky legs that supported a boney frame. Its face was scruffy and one eye blinked smaller than the other. By the outside door, two large potted plants hid water and food. It bowed down by the pretty yellow bowl with painted fish and crunched away hungrily at the dry meal.

In a perfect world, all the stray neighborhood cats would have homes to live in when it's cold and raining and plenty of food to eat and water to drink.

This is an original pencil drawing, which is "colored" with collaged tissue and hand-painted papers. The cats are cut from original pencil sketches and collaged with various papers.


  1. I love the combination of hand drawing and painting with the collage. The play of the curvilinear element is nice and I love the yellow cat

  2. I love textures and the way the mixed media work so well together. You can't go wrong with kitties. But I keep coming back to the eyes!

  3. Great textures and it would be nice if all stray cats had a home.

  4. The effect of the eyes is great (though unsettling!) but I really like the pink cat. Rather '80s.

  5. Hello Kelly,
    thanks for your words!
    I see that your technique is very good,
    you've achieved a great result. I congratulate
    you get a good composition, my eyes do not leave your picture!

  6. Well I know that some kitties like to sleep on their owners heads, so it only seems befitting they should like to become a focal point of a hat!