Sunday, January 2, 2011

Illustration Friday: Resolutions

New Year Whee! E-card
Collage and Watercolor
Artist Trading Cards (ATCs)
12.6 x 8.8 cm

Here's wishing everyone a happy and ambitious 2011! I tried my hand at a couple of ATCs. I used collage images from 1940s and 1960s Life magazines. They're alot of fun to read as well! It was a few years ago but people weren't all that different and many of the same products we use today were advertised. Of course, there was World War II but we have our own brand of wars today, unfortunately.

As for resolutions, I'm not too much on making them myself. I do hope this year to finally graduate from collage after going back to school later in life, paint with joy in my heart and write some noir poetry.


  1. So many open mouths and the "Whee!" I really like this—it has a lot of energy!

  2. hehe I didn't even notice the open mouths, but it's true. It's funny how people notice different things in artwork, Kerry