Sunday, January 30, 2011

Illustration Friday: Surrender

Surrender to Your Funny Side
Feather and food collage
17.7 x 25.5
© Kerry Schofield

I was inspired by John Waters for this week's post for Illustration Friday. I went to see John Waters' live performance at the University of South Florida this past week. Well, it was quite funny to say the least. John Waters is the American filmmaker of Hairspray and Pink Flamingos among others. He is also a journalist, photographer and visual artist. 

The theater was packed as hundreds showed up for the show. Waters did not disappoint. He pokes fun at himself and those like him and was really very funny. 

This collage uses images from 1940s and 1960s vintage magazines. 


  1. ah....this is funny! very well done!

  2. Hahaha! I love the sausage collar! This really gave me a chuckle.
    We visit a friend in Provincetown Mass. about once a year. John Waters is her neighbor. He's an ordained minister I think, and performed her marriage ceremony. Last summer we were sitting on the porch and he walks by with a bag of groceries!
    Great job Kerry!

  3. Thanks Heidi. Mr. Waters actually did a monologue on food fetishes ... and what gave me the idea! Too funny though. What a coincidence. Wow, now that's a cool neighbor to have.

  4. Do you know I have Pink Flamingos on VHS but I've never actually watch it? I should at least once, right? Cool collage btw!

  5. Mr. Waters mentioned Pink Flamingos in his monologue. He said he couldn't believe that "Divine" had passed away. It's a cult classic now. Many people in the audience had blowup pink flamingos. Thanks Tony!