Saturday, February 12, 2011

Illustration Friday: Sweater

Collage Remix from 1940s - 1960s vintage magazines
22.9 x 30.4 cm
© Kerry Schofield

When I think of a sweater, I think of lamb's wool. This collage is an interpretation of the sweater in a not-so-direct way. I added the hearts for Valentine's Day. 


  1. Before I read your explanation, I thought your picture showed a sheep wearing a sweater made of human skin (reverse of humans wearing wool sweaters). I guess I read too much into it. ha ha :p

  2. hehehe funny! It does changes the perspective on wool sweaters!!

  3. Hi Debbie,

    I know, IF's topics of reverse and sweaters is getting really confusing ... and challenging, to say the least! But I guess I did kind of reverse the sweater thing (subconsciously) :-)

  4. Yes Isabelle, or the lack of a "sweater." Thanks! :-)

  5. To brrr or not to baaa? That is the question! Very creative and abstract interpretation Kerry!
    (I didn't even do an IF this week)

    Your kitties are so cute. I have a Big Boy (Mack) and a Maggie (Mable) look just like them!

  6. Very fun. I like the sense of depth suggested by the velvet and the plane. I also like that green. I think that that was the green that I was looking after in my image.

  7. Thanks Heidi. Bigboy is 19 years old! He's my favorite but they're all sweeties -- some weeks it just goes that way!

  8. Thanks Alice, ahh ... the "evergreen," and one of my favorites as well.